Marginalia (my blog)
Marginalia (my blog)

Marginalia (my blog)

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October 2022

Allocation by Hairdo

September 2022

“Made to be Broken?” at AIER Bargaining over BeautyVehicle InspectionsHiggs on CoaseWhy Study Economics?Price Controls: The Greatest HitsEconomic Freedom of the World: 2022Gifting and Dynamic Efficiency

August 2022

A Phrase We Should Stop UsingDiamonds are ForeverFlorida Toys with Rent ControlMade to be BrokenSelf-Driving Cars and the Nirvana FallacyHuman Action—A Counterfactual HistoryNo Free Lunch at ActonThe U.S. Economy is Under-RegulatedAustrian Economics as the Middle GroundHow Far Can You Get with the Law of Demand?Organic Order A Secret, Silent Miracle What Problem Were They Solving?

July 2022

Entry Barriers: A Personal DisappreciationMicro-MicroeconomicsWill Google Ever Lose its Monopoly?Knight Quote of the DayLaw Merchant Denialism Why Studying Economics Requires CuriosityBefore Economics The Beauty of the FlowerRent-Seeking and the Decline of the Florentine SchoolMcChesney on Public vs. Private Enterprise The Jonathan Swift of Economics

June 2022

Falling Time CostHappy Birthday, TSMargins of Adjustment: Inflation EditionBook ContractsEponymity Quotes Roundup A Seminar on Price ControlsLesser-Known Economic Fallacies IIWhy Studying Economics Instills Gratitude Evidence from SeattleInternet ExplorerA Pig in the Poke Tall Poppy SyndromeA Price Gouging PollAn Underrated Paper Mere EconomicsFive Ways Minimum Wage Studies FailInstitutions and Organizations SyllabiFifteen Classic Law and Econ Papers Research Round-Up Rent Control Redistributes

May 2022

Bastiat on the Social Order Lesser-Known Economic Fallacies IYes, Virginia—There is an Economic Science The Corporation and State Capacity Credible Commitment Quotes XIV

April 2022

Credible Commitment Quotes XIII Credible Commitment Quotes XII Credible Commitment Quotes XI Credible Commitment Quotes X

March 2022

The Return of Rent Control Credible Commitment Quotes IX Credible Commitment Quotes VIII The Economic Way of Thinking Credible Commitment Quotes VII Credible Commitment Quotes VIStakeholder TheoryCredible Commitment Quotes V

February 2022

More Presentations Credible Commitment Quotes IV ASSC Papers NFL on Hayek Program PodcastCredible Commitment Quotes III Concentration and Antitrust Credible Commitment Quotes II Do God and Economic Science Mix?Ownership of the League Credible Commitment Quotes I

January 2022

Coase Quotation of the Day Price Control Presentations

December 2021

Public Policy Reading ListOrganizational Economics Exam Questions

November 2021

Dispelling Misconceptions about Economics

October 2021

Organizational Economics Reading List “No Free Lunch” is Here The Economics of Commitment

September 2021

Want of Wonder

August 2021

Organizational Econ in Developing Contexts Economists on Covid PolicyUncle Sam Plays Market 150 Years of the Austrian School Organizational Economics Syllabus

July 2021

DuckDuckGo Doesn’t Exist No Free Lunch Promises, Privacy, Patronage Law and Economics Syllabus Non-Competes Benefit Workers

June 2021

Organizational Economics CoursePrice Theory Palooza

April 2021

How TC’s Change the Analysis Destroying Property to Save Property Hart’s New Approach to ContractsThe Rest of the Story

March 2021

Svetozar Pejovich, RIP A First Everyday Economic Errors Happy Birthday, MNR!

February 2021

Margins of Adjustment—Again Minimum Wage; Maximum Discrimination Competition: Tough Weed or Delicate Flower? Margins of AdjustmentThe E Stands for Excellence Coase Goes to War Made in ChinaTransaction Costs and Secondary Calculation